Student Works Series – FAQs

I completed my thesis in 2019 and I am currently a professional. Can I submit?

Yes you can, since we allow thesis projects completed within last two years of submission. You don’t have to be currently enrolled for submitting thesis projects.

Do I need to reveal the identity of where I am studying at the moment?

Yes, it’s extremely important to mention the institution you are enrolled at. In Stage II we will ask for a proof of your enrollment.

I am a working professional. Can I submit a project that I did during my Bachelors?

No, this series is only focused on the current students, with an exception to thesis projects. You can however contact us separately for publishing the project you did as a student.

How many files can I submit?

You can submit 1 pdf file for project write up and up to 5 jpeg files for project drawings and visuals. Each file has an upload size limit of 1 mb.

My project sheets are in A1 size. Should I submit that?

Yes you can submit A1 sized sheets for Stage I. However, we will work on with you to find a suitable size for publishing in Stage II.

Can I submit a competition entry that I did after graduating?

No, we are not taking competition entries submitted as professionals in the Student Works Series. However you can contact us separately for publishing professional work.

How would I know if my work is getting published or not?

We will contact you soon after receiving your project, explaining why or why not your project will be published under this series. Make sure you fill in the right email address in the submission form.

Is there an age limit to submit the work?

No, the only criteria is your current education status. You must be enrolled as student in a design course at any Institution, at the time of submission.

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