‘Spiritual Sustainability’

Spiritual Sustainability

Navjot introduces a new term through Design Terrains

While the term sustainability has long stood in our values, we at Design Terrains believed that it has become part of commercialisation and has somehow lost its impact.

To revitalise the idea, Navjot insists upon addition of the prefix ‘spiritual’ to the term, which will also act as a constant reminder to the practice of essence and not just the superficial.

Adding ‘spiritual’ stresses on experimenting and understanding the personal experiential factors related to sustainability.

For instance, a team committing to design a zero energy building, not ensuring the same at its own office, is not practicing sustainability in its spirits.

Design Terrains commits on curating projects and practices that avoid such contradictions and endeavour to embrace sustainability spiritually.

How this works?
  • Personalising sustainable actions
  • Encouraging wholesome participation
  • Redefining responsibilities
  • Conscience driven decision making
  • Prioritising planet’s health
  • Adapting to low impact living
  • Investing in community resilience
  • Respecting resources and nature
  • Inviting biodiversity
  • Supporting fellow human beings
  • Spreading awareness on sustainability

We will keep adding points to this list and inspire our readers to define their own ways of practicing spiritual sustainability.

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