Managing Partner

Driven by the zeal for design and architecture, and intrigued by the involvement of technology and automation in design, Utkarsh is a BIM professional, designer and freelancer. Working with some of the most prestigious organizations and adept professionals in the Construction industry over the past few years, he believes that design is the most cardinal way to express the feelings, needs and prerequisites of the individual and on the other hand also has the responsible duty to express the impacts, aftermaths and the reverberations of the society.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture and is vehement about the digital aspects and software advancements in the industry. As a fascinated pupil of Architecture, he feels automation and digitalisation of processes can bring a great deal of change, which aligned with the idea of “spiritual sustainability” will be the main focus of his contents.

With his technical approach and experience to manage efficient workflows, he aims to extend Design Terrains’ capabilities and diversify into broader segments by undertaking the operational division for DT. 

“In this modern and digitally equipped world, we need to be warry of our usage of technology. Whether its BIM or energy modelling, it needs to truly serve our planet and our people. Otherwise it is just another sustainability pretense.”

Utkarsh Singh

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