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Author’s personal experiences and viewpoints

Dachau narrates architecture of RACISM

This narrative is inspired by writer’s own visit to the site and entails her personal viewpoints, not aimed at a community or beliefs of others.

We have learnt to provide effective spatial orders for the living, but it remains evident that we are still unaware of accommodating our societal differences in the spaces we inhabit. Racism is an evidence of our societies moving away from social sustainability and this needs to be addressed frequently for its upheaval. Dachau lets us look back and observe the faults of an orthodox system with its severe infliction on our architectural perseverance.

An absolute bareness with its arms stretched wide open coldly welcomes the visitor, a chilling experience for lighthearted. It is only the bareness which engulfs the sight as far as it goes, as if declaring the reign of death. With sparse poplar tress at distance, tall enough and far enough to be of no use for rescue from the beating sun, again evidently striking on the harshness of the ground. On right, withstands the restored quarters of prisoners, furnishing hardly a ground coverage of 8 country houses, which inhabited 6,000 prisoners at once during last few months of its functioning.

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Ted talk by Enrique Peñalosa

Enrique Peñalosa is a former politician from Brazil, substantially known for his role as mayor of Bagota and eventually for his successful tactics as an Urbanist. During his tenure he remarkably transformed the urban language of Bagota, which is now considered to be one of the most sustainable city of the world. Many young practitioners have been influenced by his extraordinary approach towards implementation of planning policies and adaptation of bottom up jurisdiction at city level. His ideology relies on simplifying and interconnecting civic issues, which subsequently result in dynamic and multifaceted solutions.

Here the urbanist talks about the role of public transit in the growth of a democratic developing nation. Baring his insight on value of active public transport, he enables the viewers to grasp in the true purpose of buses in a self reliant community setup.

Tiny homes : Peek 01

A quest for happiness doesn’t exactly end up at dwelling in mansions. For many these days, it’s about self exploration and investing time in building things that last. While abandoning their usual lifestyle, people have took it either to roads or nature’s parking lots, where they find contentment irrespective of the size of habitat. This video is a quick look into the world of ZEN living in a tiny home with bigger quality of life.

Living Big in a Tiny House is a youtube channel by Bryce Langston, who is a small space design curator. He covers various tiny and sustainable homes around the world and has resulted in more people opting for a low budget and low impact living.

We applaud Bryce’s initiative and encourage our readers to get inspired through series of sustainable living options introduced on the channel.