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Daylight Simulation using Rhino + Grasshopper | EDS Online Course

Why Daylight Simulation?

Daylight Simulation helps designers in identifying best building orientations to reduce heat gain and HVAC loads. For the ambient indoor environment, it can help decide advanced passive interventions for reduced glare and sufficient diffused light penetration.

Energy Efficient or Green Buildings are recognised solutions for slowing down climate change and reduce overall contribution to carbon emissions. Professionals in the building sector and green building analysts are adapting to this need and the use of Computer-Aided Design has proliferated the results.

About Organiser

Environmental Design Solutions (EDS) organises various workshops and courses on enhancing building performance and reducing its carbon footprint. EDS is a sustainability advisory firm focusing on the built environment. They have worked on over 350 green building and energy efficiency projects worldwide

Course Details

This certification course lasts for 2 weeks, starting 21st September 2020. It enables learning of 3D modeling in Rhindo3D and scripting in Grasshopper to conduct daylight simulation using Ladybug and Honeybee plug-in.

Course Duration – 2 weeks (21st Sep – 4th Oct)

Course Fees

Professionals – ₹7,500 [USD 105]

Students – ₹5,500 [USD 78]

Early Bird – ₹5,000 [USD 70]

Course website

Building Green with Dharmalaya | Institute for compassionate living

Have you ever wondered about inciting spiritual metamorphosis of self, committing to human service, and living closer to nature, while practicing sustainable architecture? We have and we care to share with you about a place where it is possible, a place that teaches sustainable and compassionate living in parallel to physically building one, a place called Dharmalaya. Since its conception in 2008 by three of Earthville’s directors – Mark Moore, Mai-Linh Leminhbach, and Dara Ackerman, the institute has welcomed numerous workshop participants, volunteers, architects and nature lovers.

Nestled in the Indian Himalayan foothills of Bir, this charitable organisation transpires educative empowerment to traditional wisdom and integrates innovative modernity in its various participatory programs. They have focused on sustainable village development, contemplative service-learning, immersive ecotourism and preservative adaptation of vernacular intelligence.

“The Institute provides ‘green’ job skills for rural labourers and serves as a model showcasing sustainable living practises such as eco-friendly earthen construction, high-yield organic agriculture, and more.”

-Dharmalaya via
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Solar Decathlon India 2020-21| Student COMPETITION

Information is taken directly from the official website of the competition. We hold no guarantee or viewpoint for any future disservice.

The Solar Decathlon India is a competition among post graduate and graduate students from Indian institutions to empower the next generation to combat Climate Change in the buildings sector. Using a competition platform, the competition reaches out to 500,000 engineering + architecture students across India and invites them to innovate for net-zero-energy, net-zero-water, net-zero-waste and climate resilient buildings.

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Earthbag Tiny House Workshop | Sustainable Life School

Workshop poster by Sustainable Life School

Pioneers in off-grid living, Morgan and Mary Jane of North Carolina have been hosting natural building and sustainable living workshops since 2016 at Sustainable Life School. Their previous experimentation with earthbag construction serves as a basis for workshops. They believe that the technique results in strong, versatile, inexpensive and eco-friendly structures.

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