Eco High End Hotel in the Western Ghats | SWS 003

Student: Monal Ambastha
Course: Bachelor of Architecture
Institution: Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
Project Year : 2019
Project Type: Final Thesis


The project site is situated near upcoming international airport in Navi Mumbai. The climate of the region falls under hot and humid, with major wind flow from the West. The design features are based on the climatic analysis and incorporates passive cooling measures that have proven to reduce thermal loads in past research studies.

Panvel is called the gateway of Konkan coast. It marks the onset of the western ghats range. The form of the building is inspired from the terrains of the Western Ghats. Every plate is unique and is arranged in such a way so that it resonates with the different terrains of the Western Ghats and represent a hill-like form. This also comes as a response to minimise the surface run off during heavy monsoon rains and manage harvested water at different levels.

View of the hotel from access road. Src: Monal Ambastha. Copyrights.
Green Features

The key green features of the design are, horizontal projections with vegetation; daylight responsive vertical wooden louvres; low emissivity double glazed windows; vegetated terraces; and skylights.

The building insulation features a unique sustainable material to deal with the noise from airport traffic and humid atmosphere of the region. For acoustic and thermal insulation, plant based polyurethane rigid foam keeps environment first. It helps in reducing thermal loads and energy consumption, while being fully biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle.

Highlighting green features. Src: Monal Ambastha. Copyrights.
Building Dynamics

To minimise heat gain, building is designed in a curve and oriented in a manner for increasing mutual shading. The internal spaces are also zoned to keep the most frequented ones in the naturally cooler side of the building, which will help in reducing energy loads.

Stacking is supposed to reduce the frequency of elevator usage as well, since guests will have access to large terraces at their levels with mesmerising views of the valley. Additionally, green terraces lower the thermal load to a great extent.

“I think its a great initiative undertaken by Design Terrains, as it not only provides a platform for students to showcase their works but also gives other students an opportunity to learn from other projects.” – Monal Ambastha

We thank Monal for being a part of this outreach program and sharing her work with us!

If you are a student and interested in sharing your work at our platform, visit the Student Works Series page for details.

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