Eco High End Hotel in the Western Ghats | SWS 003

Student: Monal Ambastha
Course: Bachelor of Architecture
Institution: Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi
Project Year : 2019
Project Type: Final Thesis


The project site is situated near upcoming international airport in Navi Mumbai. The climate of the region falls under hot and humid, with major wind flow from the West. The design features are based on the climatic analysis and incorporates passive cooling measures that have proven to reduce thermal loads in past research studies.

Panvel is called the gateway of Konkan coast. It marks the onset of the western ghats range. The form of the building is inspired from the terrains of the Western Ghats. Every plate is unique and is arranged in such a way so that it resonates with the different terrains of the Western Ghats and represent a hill-like form. This also comes as a response to minimise the surface run off during heavy monsoon rains and manage harvested water at different levels.

View of the hotel from access road. Src: Monal Ambastha. Copyrights.
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Krithika Prakash on Sustainability Program at NUS | DT Interview

Specialising in sustainable design is an idea that has picked up within this decade, with several renowned institutions offering sustainability focused programs. Predominantly these programs choose to enroll a multidisciplinary batch of students for promoting interchanging of diverse ideas. Whether this is beneficial for specialising in sustainability is something that remains questionable. For understanding how such programs truly work and what do they equip a student with, DesignTerrains held an interview with Krithika Prakash, who is an alumna of the National University of Singapore and had undertaken masters in their leading sustainability program.

About Krithika Prakash

After graduating in 2015 with a bachelors in architecture, Krithika worked as an architect in Bangalore and Hyderabad before bending her career towards sustainability. She has a masters from National University of Singapore in Integrated Sustainable Design and at present is with Arth Design Build, Singapore as a BIM Coordinator.

MSc Integrated Sustainable Design, NUS

Focused on sustainable urbanisation of Asian cities, this one year post professional course at National University of Singapore is one of the top ranked sustainability course in the world. It encompasses a multidisciplinary approach and covers technical and spatial knowledge required to work in the domain of sustainability.

However, it is imperative to know whether the course is able to achieve what it claims. To understand its strengths and shortcomings, we are thankful to Krithika for taking out time and giving our readers an inside overview of the ISD program.

If you are considering applying to NUS for this course, this piece of conversation will benefit you in many ways!

DesignTerrains (DT): How early in your career, did you realize your inclination towards sustainable design?

Krithika Prakash (KP): Sustainability is at the forefront when it comes to tackling most major issues globally today. As an architect and a designer, I felt we as a profession are morally obliged to play a bigger role in this and set a path for the future. During my undergrad and then while I was working post that, I constantly read about what’s happening in the field of Building Design and Construction in terms of sustainability and it eventually seemed like the obvious path to choose if I were to pursue a Master’s Degree.

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