Blog Insight 01 | Placeshakers and Newsmakers

Placemakers is a versatile firm that believes in taking up all tasks related to placemaking, ranging from architecture, planning, design, storytelling and what not. With its people managing work remotely across the North American continent, the firm has accumulated wide range of expertise in the field. These practitioners are often found sharing their insights on issues and strategies of the field at their blog, Placeshakers and Newsmakers.

Their blog posts are very solid informative pieces and sometimes they raise unparalleled curiosity and participation. If you are willing to spend time in reading lengthier discussions with sane propositions, you will be hooked to their content.

Moving Beyond “Smart Growth” to a More Holistic City Agenda

This particular post that we are sharing, resembles with our belief of redefining limits of sustainability and changing manners of measuring it. Here, Kaid Benfield lists ten questions that can help address the ongoing pattern and understanding of sustainability in our cities. We are extremely hopeful to come up with a list of our own sometime soon. Till then we would like you to give it a read and share your opinion on any of the stimulating questions.

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